Fashion in a nutshell


~Trip of a Lifetime~

~Trip of a Lifetime~

Get Ready to go on a trip you will never forget.
Hey guys, I’m rain and welcome to my blog. I’m just a guy that enjoys fashion and wants to share my style with the world. I hope you enjoy the journey.
List of Components:

Eyes, (FATEeyes) –
Ring, (-Entente- King Ring) –
Ring, (+grasp+/Skull Ring/mens) –
Piercings, (.Pekka. Manipulate PIERCING) –
Facial Tattoo, (:LP: Warpaint Dark) –
Neck Tattoo, (*Trailerstar* Love Hate) –
Torso Tattoos, (Blackfeet Freedom) –
Necklace, (Earthstones perfect fit necklace) –
Jeans, (EvuzaColor_Male_Cream) –
Shoes, (Havana_sneakers_black) –
Bracelet, (Kosh Ice Mint Bracelet) –
Bracelet 2, (***Just You Jewels***, Male, I love you) –
Hair & Hat, (Atro Patenta, Neo Coffee) –
Glasses, ([IC] Mesh Nerd Glasses) –
Top, ({Paradise Kiss} Nil-mesh-cardigan-black) –
Shape (My own)
Skin (Unavailable)

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