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Pants- Lahood Pants Black- Deadwool

Shirt- Hei- Fatewear

Shoes- ABL Army boots- EC

Ears- Stretched Ears- Mandala

Mouth- Bloody Mouth- SU

Piercing- U2 – Phoebe

Septum Black-Meshaholics

Snake Bite – Ni.Ju

Tattoo- Staying Alive- Speakeasy 

Bracelet- You – Amorous

Ring -Celtic – E3D

Necklace- Sanctuary- Kosh

Mask- Escaping Lecter- Corbahive


Corset- neo Goth Corset and Panties-DRBC

Make up- Wet Look Black- Dead Apples

Muertos Makeup- Little Pricks


(Body)- Black Corset Back- Utopiah

(Neck) Beautiful Disaster- Utopiah

Shoes-Omega Black- Ncore

Teeth- Say Ahh- Hush


(Face)-Set 16 – Superbia

(Wrist) Katastophic- Hollyweird

(Arms) Arm Corsets –Kennedy’s

Ring- trust No One- Digital Bling

Hair- Storm black/whites- truth

Necklace- Black Heart Collar- Re

Nails- Piercings 2- Polished- Superbia @ Thrift Shop




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Blood Red

Blood Red

This set, mostly Razor clothes, gives off a tough, chill look which would look great going out with friends, clubbing or everyday wear, hope you enjoy :D!
Thrift Shop has some really great sales on to date, and I recommend you check it out.
Skin (Unavailable)

Shape (My own)

Ring, (-Entente- King Ring) –

Ring, (+grasp+/Skull Ring/mens) –

Facial Tattoo, (:LP: Warpaint Dark) –

Glasses ([IC] Mesh 80’s custom sunglasses)

Kiss Mark (Waffle! Kiss Kiss Facial Tattoo)

Hair (Taketomi Katsu Black)

Necklace (Kosh Sanctuary Necklace)

Ears (Male Mandala Stretched Ears)


Left Bracelet (>> Zyra << Bracelet Black)

Shoes ([Fl] Architect Raging Bull)

Cigarette (*S.D.*:Cigarette sculpty)

Septum ring (-MA- Septum Piercing)

Nose ring (*P* Facial Piercing U2)

Lip ring (*P* Facial Piercing U1)

Pants (Razor /// Skillz Baggy Jeans w/ Clip Belt)

Tank Top (Razor/// Brawler Tank – Black)

Body Tattoo (Speakeasy :: Stay Alive Tattoo)


~Trip of a Lifetime~

~Trip of a Lifetime~

Get Ready to go on a trip you will never forget.
Hey guys, I’m rain and welcome to my blog. I’m just a guy that enjoys fashion and wants to share my style with the world. I hope you enjoy the journey.
List of Components:

Eyes, (FATEeyes) –
Ring, (-Entente- King Ring) –
Ring, (+grasp+/Skull Ring/mens) –
Piercings, (.Pekka. Manipulate PIERCING) –
Facial Tattoo, (:LP: Warpaint Dark) –
Neck Tattoo, (*Trailerstar* Love Hate) –
Torso Tattoos, (Blackfeet Freedom) –
Necklace, (Earthstones perfect fit necklace) –
Jeans, (EvuzaColor_Male_Cream) –
Shoes, (Havana_sneakers_black) –
Bracelet, (Kosh Ice Mint Bracelet) –
Bracelet 2, (***Just You Jewels***, Male, I love you) –
Hair & Hat, (Atro Patenta, Neo Coffee) –
Glasses, ([IC] Mesh Nerd Glasses) –
Top, ({Paradise Kiss} Nil-mesh-cardigan-black) –
Shape (My own)
Skin (Unavailable)

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“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

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